What we aim to achieve

A lot has already been said about energy as the backbone of every economic area. However, there is a little talk of business problems in the industry.

The economic interests of a state, or rather lobby groups, conflict with the interests of large multinational corporations, manufacturers, suppliers, traders and consumers. The business environment in the energy sector is tangled in a web of legislation, the unconditional application of which, often under threat of liquidation sanctions, requires all levels of state and local administration in the form of several legal and sublegal obligations.


It is not easy to satisfy all the authorities involved in complying with the energy regulations while successfully performing activities in a highly competitive environment. The field of the core business is rapidly shrinking even for a particularly capable manager or managing authority.

The relationship between regulated entities in energy and water management and Úrad pre reguláciu sieťových odvetví (ÚRSO) / The Regulatory Office for Network Industries is special.

IMAZ, s. r. o. is here to relieve you of the work that limits your managerial potential. We are not a regular consulting company that provides wise advice from behind the green table. We are exceptional in that we also aim to deliver on our own advice and recommendations. For this reason, our offer is: Leave your worries to us..


With our help, you will no longer have to deal with seemingly irrelevant, but ultimately the more urgent tasks that lurk on you from all sides.

Therefore, if you...

    • have difficulty understanding your obligations to the state, are worried about your obligations, deadlines, reports, information and penalties for failing to meet them,
    • cannot cope with the developments in your area and are afraid that you will lose track of situation in the domestic and international market,
    • plan to build an energy facility and must deal with stringent energy, construction and many other legislation and technical conditions,
    • need an energy audit or certificate,
    • have no time to monitor stock exchange and energy prices on local and global markets,
    • wish to verify the credit of your intended investment,
    • are looking for ways to reduce energy consumption,
    • need advice in any energy-related area,
    • don’t wish to be surprised by something that you may not even know about,

    feel confident to reach out to us. We will be happy to meet you and we will certainly find a way to save your precious time and effort to make your business more efficient.

Company Representatives and Their Professional Background

Our representatives and employees are highly reputable and seasoned professionals from the energy industry and energy legislation, business, economy, state administration and former long-time senior officials of the state administration in management and regulation of network industries. There is no area of energy and business in the industry dependent on it, which they would not be able to monitor, assess and review, or provide their valued recommendations. We are ready to assist you in better orientation in the energy market, propose new opportunities to apply your market offer and provide modernizing impulses in the next stage of your business.