Expert activities

Expert activities

If, for any reason, you need an expert opinion, you are at the right address. We guarantee prompt and quality delivery of an expert opinion and statement in the following fields and sectors:

  • Economy and management
    • human resources
    • controlling
    • finance
  • Economy and business management
    • business valuation and appreciation
  • Electrotechnics
    • controlling technology and computing
    • estimate of electrical equipment and electronics
    • computer programs
    • electroenergetic machines and devices
    • electronics
  • Energetics
    • regulation and network industries management
    • thermal power management
    • water management
  • Building industry
    • building construction
    • property value estimates
    • construction works estimates

Experts – internal and external IMAZ professionals will help you:

  • set the value of damage to objects, buildings, vehicles, etc. (failures, breakdowns, violent damage to objects, etc.),
  • determine the causes of an accident of the complexity of safety measures for breach of rules of Safety and Protection of Health at Work,
  • set the value of businesses, analyse events of an economic crime,
  • analyse and assess the damage caused by illegal collection of electricity, natural gas, water, etc., and
  • produce an expert opinion under the Article 4 Section 3 Letter c) of the Act No. 309/2009 Coll. on the Promotion of Renewable Energy Sources and High Efficiency Cogeneration as amended should a beneficiary of a subsidy require that a regulated entity provide a single-pole electricity transfer support scheme and verify the correctness of the measurement of the produced electricity at the terminals of the power generation facility by an energy expert.

Energetický manažment

Naša ponuka spoľahlivého a korektného energetického manažérstva platí pre všetkých odberateľov energie bez ohľadu na oblasť ich pôsobenia.